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7 Spotsylvania County Food Service Inspections

Restaurant Inspections. Photo copyright Susan Larson.

When Rappahannock Area Health District (RAHD) staff inspect food service facilities, they record critical and non-critical violations. The purpose is to ensure the facilities are operating according to protocols that help prevent food-borne illness.

Critical violations, including poor temperature control of food, directly contribute to food contamination and illness. Non-critical violations, including lack of facility cleanliness and maintenance, could lead to critical violations if not corrected. Non-critical violations are often corrected at the time they are noted.

An inspection report is a “snapshot” of a specific day and time, and does not necessarily indicate the overall, long-term cleanliness of an establishment, RAHD staff said.

The Most Recent Spotsylvania County Food Service Facility Inspections, Completed November 19 – 24, 2014

1. John J. Wright Center, 7565 Courthouse Rd. – 0 violations.

2. Post Oak Middle School, 6976 Courthouse Rd. – 0 violations.

3. Thornburg Middle School, 6929 North Roxbury Mill Rd. – 1 critical violation, 1 non-critical violation.

4. Lee Hill Elementary School, 3600 Lee Hill School Dr. – 0 violations.

5. Elk’s Lodge #875, 11309 Tidewater Trail – 1 critical violation, 1 non-critical violation.

6. Formosa Cafe, 11027 Leavells Rd. – 3 critical, 2 non-critical violations.

7. Ni River Middle School, 11632 Catharpin Rd. – 0 violations.

Visit the RAHD website for details and more information.

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