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Parking Lots In, Beach Out? Plans for Tourism in Falmouth

By Susan Larson

Some blame lack of parking.  Others the popular Rappahannock River beach at the Historic Port of Falmouth Park.

What is in agreement is something needs to be done.

“In its current state, Historic Falmouth is at risk for sustainability of its identity due its mixed uses and lack of interpretation,” according to the Falmouth Master Interpretive Plan.  The 102 page document presented to the Stafford Board of Supervisors March 4 contains suggestions for boosting tourism and commerce in the historic village across the Rappahannock River from Fredericksburg.

Potomac Local covered the story.  Read it here:
Could a Popular Beach be Hindering Tourism in Falmouth?
Where do you visit in Falmouth?  What are your suggestions for the historic town?  Tell us in the comments section.

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