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What Keeps this Nashville Singer/Songwriter Going?

Brooke McBride. Photo courtesy of the artist.

By Ashleigh Chevalier

Nashville Country singer and songwriter Brooke McBride is in Fredericksburg this weekend. She told Fredericksburg Today what keeps her moving in this tough industry. She’s is a go-getter. Don’t miss her with her full band, live at The Local on Saturday night.

List five words to describe your life. GO!
-Loud (From being onstage, to rehearsals, to being stuck in a car with three boys for hours on end going from town to town. My life is definitely very loud. Ha ha!)

What motivates your hard work ethic? What keeps you lifted when you get down?
Before I ever moved to Nashville I went to a songwriting conference in Tennessee and I was listening to a lady talk about how difficult it is to break into the music industry. To a group of about 50 of us, she said, “If there’s anything else you guys can see yourself doing, anything at all—do it. If any other profession will make you happy I urge you to reconsider your decision to try and make a living off of music. This industry is brutal and it will tear you down. But if you can’t imagine doing anything else, and you know nothing else is going to make you happy—you’ve got to go for it.” Right then and there I knew that I had to go for it. Also, for me music isn’t about the money or the fame, it’s about making a difference. The potential ability to make a difference to others through music is what really motivates me.

It’s the same answer for the second question. When I get down, I remember that there is the potential to make a difference to others with my music. So I keep writing, and I keep pushing. I also have a really strong support system of friends and family.

What inspires your songwriting?
Anything and everything. Literally. Just life experiences in general…from love gone wrong, to love gone right, to missing home, and even lots random things. I once got an idea to write a song after I burnt a grilled cheese.

What is the hardest lesson you have learned so far, and how did you discover it?
That you’ll hear 10,000 “no’s” before you ever hear one “yes” in this industry. I’ve finally started to hear a couple “yes’s” but I’ve heard the word “no” over and over and over. I still hear it. The most important lesson I’ve learned, or at least one of the most important, is that you can’t let those “no’s” do anything but motivate you. You can’t let them stop you. I used to let the “no’s” really get to me, but then I realized that’s just how the industry works. It’s all about being determined enough to keep trying for the one in 10,000 “yes” to come along.

What do you find special about being on the road and the live performance experience?
Everything. It makes me feel alive more than anything else in this world. The road and the stage are like a safe haven for me. They’re like home.

Just for fun!
Coffee or Tea? – Coffee!

Mickey Mouse or Looney Tunes? – How do I choose? I’m a 90s baby, so obviously Space Jam used to be my favorite movie (which featured the Looney Tunes), but I would feel wrong if I didn’t say Mickey Mouse.

Cookie, Cake, or Pie? – All of them. And a bigggg glass of milk. No shame.

Lemonade or Sweet Tea? – Sweet tea. The sweeter, the better.

Chicken or Fish? – Chicken…fried. I’m a southern girl through and through 😉

Brooke McBride Band: Country from Nashville
WHERE: The Local, 4532 Plank Rd., Fredericksburg
WHEN: 9 p.m. – 1 a.m., Saturday, Feb. 21

Watch a video of Brooke

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