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Fourth of July Dog Safety

By Susan Larson. Photo copyright Fredericksburg Today.

If your dog is nervous about thunderstorms, the Fourth of July can be downright terrifying.

The first business day after July 4 is one of the busiest days of the year at pet shelters, according to the Humane Society of the United States, as many dogs run away in fear from the loud noises of fireworks displays.

To avoid losing your four-legged friend on the Fourth of July, leave them inside – a frightened dog is more likely to jump a fence or dig underneath it to run away from loud noises than dogs who aren’t scared.

Make sure your pet has a collar on with securely attached, legible identification tags that include your address and phone number.

Don’t bring your pet to loud, crowded parades, festivals or fireworks displays.

Even when left inside at home, animals may be able to hear fireworks. You may want to leave on a television or radio to help muffle the noise.

The ASPCA offers these tips for all summer long:

Keep alcoholic drinks, lighters and lighter fluid and fireworks out of reach. All have ingredients toxic to animals.

Keep your pets on their normal diet – even if they’re begging for a burger from the grill.

Keep citronella candles, citronella spray and other bug-repellants away from animals, unless the label specifically says the bug repellant is safe for animals.

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