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Sewage Spill Closes Historic Port of Falmouth

By Susan Larson.

The Historic Port of Falmouth is closed through Saturday, Oct. 8, 2016, due to a sewage leak upstream from the park, Stafford County officials announced October 5.

“Stafford Utilities determined late Monday, Oct. 3, that there was a major break in the pipe transferring wastewater from the Falls Run Pump Station to a location near Chatham Heights Road,” county staff said in a notice on the website. This is the second reported sewage leak from this area in just over one year.

Crews hoped to have the damaged pipe repaired by Wednesday night.

In the meantime, crews used tankers to haul wastewater from the pump station to other points in the system, bypassing the broken line. It was an effort to prevent additional spillage, county officials said.

The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality has been notified.

“There is no evidence of contamination of the river at the park,” county officials said. They are conducting “precautionary tests to ensure the water is safe before the park is re-opened to visitors.”

In August 2015, Stafford County estimated 27,000 gallons of sewage entered Falls Run, and said it was the third time recently that the pipe had failed in the same general area.

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