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City Manager’s Update 03/08/17

Prepared by Fredericksburg City Manager Tim Baroody for the March 14, 2017, City Council meeting. Photo copyright Robert A. Martin for Fredericksburg.Today.

Highlights of major activities and other notable developments:

Motts Run Reservoir Trails Impacted by the March 1 Wind Storm
Motts Run Reservoir Trails were closed this week after the heavy winds created dangerous situations along the hiking trails. Parks, Recreation and Events Department Staff have been working on the trails, cutting down fallen limbs and trees so that trails can be re-opened, hopefully by the end of the week. Unfortunately, professional assistance from Bartlett Tree Company is going to be needed to assist with some of the more complicated and dangerous trees.

Traffic Signal Decommissioning at Three Intersections
On March 6, traffic signals at Kenmore and Hanover, Littlepage and Hanover and at William and Littlepage were placed on flash and will remain so for a period of seven days in preparation for decommissioning. Motorists are reminded when encountering a traffic signal flashing red, it must be treated as an “all-way stop.” A flashing yellow indicates “proceed with caution.” Please use caution when approaching these intersections. On March 13, the signals will be turned off and will remain in place for a period of time before complete removal.

Fire Department’s Jack McGovern Assists with Emergency Training at Guyana Airport
Lt. Jack McGovern of the Fire Department just completed his 12th instructional trip to Guyana, South America, assisting with emergency response at Correia International Airport. McGovern is assisting with improvements to response to events at the airport including training in aircraft rescue and firefighting, HazMat, and mass casualty response. This year’s trip culminated with a mass casualty exercise. While training at the airport, Lt. McGovern proudly represented the City of Fredericksburg by wearing his department uniform.

66th Annual Fine Arts Show and Sale
The Parks Recreation and Events Department is gearing up for the 66th Fine Arts Show and Sale at the Community Center on March 31 – April 2. This year the show will feature the work more than 80 artists and almost 250 pieces of art. New this year, there will be a champagne reception on Friday night from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. that will be free and open to the public.

Children’s Art Show
The Parks, Recreation and Events Department will be hosting its Annual Children’s Art Show on Thursday, March 23 – Saturday, March 27, at the Dorothy Hart Community Center. Children ages 4 years old through 12th grade can enter 4 pieces of art in 8 different media categories and age groups.

Fredericksburg Police Department Hosts “End of Life” Workshop Series
This month, in partnership with the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office and the Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Office, the Police Department is offering an “End of Life” planning workshop series at police headquarters. The series is for senior citizens and covers challenging topics such as funeral arrangements, estate planning, and more. The Police Department hopes to offer additional workshops for senior citizens in the near future.

Face the River Improvements
During the week of March 6 the City completed a beautification project along two sections of the Rappahannock River bank in the 800 and 1000 blocks of Sophia Street. Bartlett Tree Experts performed much of the work, with assistance from the Department of Public Works. The Face the River initiative has been an ongoing partnership project between the City and Main Street over the
past two years to improve the appearance of the banks of the river banks in the downtown area. Much of the area had become overgrown with wild vines and invasive vegetation. Dead or dying trees were also an eyesore and a safety concern. Last year, several dead and invasive trees and wild vines were removed along the river bank in the 1000 block of Sophia Street, behind the Happy Clam store. The City and Main Street will continue their efforts to remove and control invasive vegetation along the river banks in the downtown area this year and into the future so that everyone may enjoy pleasant experiences as they “face the river.”

Caroline Street Water/Sewer Improvement Line Project
The sanitary sewer line work began March 6 in the 500 block which requires closing the street (between Wolfe Street and Lafayette Boulevard) to traffic during work periods (daylight hours, Monday through Friday, with the closure remaining in place periodically during overnight hours as well) for a period of approximately five weeks. Street parking will not be available during that time as well. However, residents and business owners are being accommodated in the Sophia Street Garage.

New Application Policy for Boards and Commissions
Residents who are interested in serving on any of the City’s boards and commissions with a current vacancy can apply online at by selecting “Boards & Commissions” under the “Your Government” tab. Vacancies are advertised online. Moving forward, the City will accept applications until close of business on the first Tuesday of the month in which interviews will be held. The Clerk of Council contacts applicants 7-10 days prior to the meeting to schedule interviews. Assuming there are openings, interviews will be scheduled before Council on the second Tuesday of each month at the 5:30 p.m. work session. The interviews usually last about 15 minutes. City Council holds interviews for appointments to the Architectural Review Board, Board of Zoning Appeals, Building Codes Appeals Board, the Economic Development Authority and Planning Commission. City Council makes appointments at a Council meeting after all interviews have been completed.

Building Statistics Reports
The February Building Construction Activity and Property Maintenance Reports are attached [online] for your review.

Traffic Signal Decommissioning at Three Fredericksburg Intersections

City Manager’s Update 02/22/17

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