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River Rock looking for stolen SUPs

The folks at River Rock Outfitters are looking for two stand-up paddleboards that were taken from them. Here’s their note from Facebook:

Friends, we respectfully request your help. On Sunday, two of our SUP boards were stolen from our rental site at Riverfront Park. Above is a picture of the board. They are Boardworks Rukus all around boards with a full deck pad in blue and white. These boards are not cheap and we purchased them to support the the several yoga programs in town who utilize our gear. It’s hard when stuff is taken from you especially when you know that you mortgaged everything to take a risk on a business dream. I know that other small business owners understand the personal aspect of theft in our stores. We are a young business and placed ourselves in a vulnerable position. We learned a hard lesson and shored up our security. We have sold three of these boards and they are rare in our area. If you see them pop up on a paddling site for sale, on Craigslist, or floating down the river, please let us know. We are also checking external cameras from nearby businesses/buildings to see if we can get a good image of the perpetrators faces. If these boards show up at our shop, there will be no questions asked. We always appreciate your support and look forward to continuing to rent out of Riverfront Park.

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