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Mary Washington Hospital welcomes Moxi the Robot

From Mary Washington Healthcare:

Mary Washington Hospital (MWH) leaders and staff welcome Moxi, a robotic hospital assistant, as the newest member of staff. Moxi, created by Diligent Robotics, is a point-to-point delivery robot, meaning it can retrieve items in one department and deliver them to another. This will allow the nurses, certified nursing assistants and techs to remain on the unit and spend more time with their patients.

Eileen Dohmann, Senior Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer at Mary Washington Healthcare, sees potential for Moxi to positively impact the staff. “If Moxi can take away some of those tasks that don’t require an RN or a CNA or a tech to do, then Moxi is going to help us.” Hospital associates were excited to meet their new team member as Dohmann escorted Moxi throughout the hospital.

Diligent co-founder Dr. Vivian Chu was onsite for Moxi’s first tour of the hospital. “We’re incredibly excited to work with Mary Washington Hospital. Partnering with such an innovative hospital means we can push out the technology of Moxi to really improve the lives of nurses,” Chu said.

“What we have seen is that nurses, especially during the pandemic, are working long hours and can spend an astonishing 30% of their time fetching and gathering supplies. We are excited to see this project begin and to watch the immediate impact Moxi will have on these teams. Nurses and clinical care teams get pulled in so many directions and I love that we can integrate Moxi robots into the team to help relieve some of this stress,” added Chu. 

Diligent Robotics staff will remain onsite at MWHC as they map and program Moxi’s operating system so the robot can find its way around the facility. Moxi will be fully functioning in early January 2022.

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