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DMV wants to know: “How was your service, and what can we do better?”

The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is making it easier for customers to give feedback to the agency, sharpening DMV’s ability to deliver superior, responsive service to Virginians. Customers can now scan a QR code on the way out the door of a DMV customer service center (CSC) that links to an online survey where they can rate their experiences and share their thoughts.

“People are usually willing to offer their opinions about the DMV; our new survey program formalizes a clear channel for them to provide constructive feedback,” said Acting DMV Commissioner Linda Ford. “We want customers to know that we are listening, and that we are committed to tailoring service to their expectations.”

DMV is also adding a one-question satisfaction survey to credit card machines at all teller windows, asking customers to “rate your service provider” on a five-point scale. In addition, DMV sends an email to 5,000 randomly selected customers each week that links to the full online survey.

“Expanded data collection will help us measure our progress toward our customer service goals,” said Acting Commissioner Ford. “Please scan the QR code, answer the email, and rate your service at the counter. This is your DMV, and we want your input. Virginians deserve the best from us, and we will deliver.”

The QR codes can be found at all 75 DMV CSCs, plainly visible to customers at exit doors. DMV plans to add more feedback opportunities across its service channels in the coming months.

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