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Cruz endorses Vega ahead of primary

Fredericksburg Today

Yesli Vega was endorsed by Ted Cruz at a rally in Spotsylvania hours ahead of Tuesday’s primary election. Vega, who was born in Cruz’s home state of Texas, introduced the senator as a friend.
Cruz is just one in a list of high-profile, far-right Republicans to endorse Vega in VA-07’s competitive primary race. She has also received endorsements from Louie Gohmert (TX-01), Jim Jordan (OH-04) and former VA-07 Representative Dave Brat, among others.
Cruz told the crowd he has a “philosophy” for primary endorsements. “I support the most conservative candidates who can win.”
“Yesli’s story is the American story. She’s a mom. She’s a wife. She’s a cop. Not just in one police agency, not two, but three. She’s a conservative. She’s the daughter of a preacher.”
Cruz spent most of his 30-minute long speech cracking jokes about COVID policies, Chief Medical Advisor Anthony Fauci’s height, and members of the press in attendance.
He touted Yesli as the representative of a new generation of Republicans. “We’re seeing young people, we’re seeing women gallop towards Republicans. And I’ll tell you something wonderful we’re seeing is that we’re seeing Hispanics gallop toward Republicans.”
Vega’s ethnicity has emerged as a significant draw for voters. “We’re a multicultural family, we support people of diversity,” shared an attendee named John, when asked about his support for Vega. “I like to see candidates of diversity and intelligence and drive and energy. I have a strong belief that the electorate is going towards younger candidates. They don’t want to see people my age running anymore! They want someone with youth and energy, and Yesli’s right there, she’s right on that demographic.”
Al, a 26-year-old freelancer, echoed the sentiment. “Prince William [County] is extremely diverse, a lot of first-generation immigrants and newly naturalized citizens, that Democrats have done a very good job over the past 20 years or so of reaching out to. But Vega being from that district, already being an elected official that people know already, I think that all that’s going to go into the general [election].”
Vega is running against five other Republicans to go up against Abigail Spanberger in the general election. Polls will open at 6:00am on Tuesday morning.

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