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Mother-son duo take first place in Heritage Festival “Fallen Heroes” Five-Mile Run

Andrea Rodman and her son Sam took first place in the women’s and men’s division of the Heritage Festival “Fallen Heroes” Five Mile race this morning. 

Nearly 300 people participated in the race, which has been held annually on July 4th for over 25 years.

Sam finished at 27:03, with an average mile pace close to 5:24. It was the second five-mile race he’s ever run. 

“I really liked [the course],” he said. “It’s very flat. You run on the bike path for a while, and there’s hardly any hills.”

Andrea ran 34:26, a few seconds short of her personal record. 

“I’ve been running since high school,” she shared, “so over 25 years.” She’s lived in Fredericksburg for 15 years, and is a member of the Fredericksburg Area Running Club. 

“It’s a beautiful day, and I love doing this run. It’s for a great cause, and the FARC does such an awesome job organizing this race, so it’s been wonderful.”

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