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Distraction scam reported in Fredericksburg

Fredericksburg Police say on Friday, July 15th, a female was distracted in the Walmart parking lot by a Hispanic male who told her there was an issue with her rear tire. As she got out of her vehicle to check, a Hispanic female stole her purse from the backseat. City Police say this scam has been reported in other localities too.
Also, on Friday, July 15th, a female was shopping in the cosmetic area of Target when approached by a Hispanic female who asked her to help read a product label. While reading the label, the victim had her back to her shopping cart and purse. She noticed there was a Hispanic male behind her as well. When she went to pay for her items, she realized her wallet and phone had been stolen.
Currently, there are four suspects. If you have any information about the suspects, contact police at 540-373-3122. To make an anonymous tip, send a text to “847-411” and text “FPDtip” followed by your information. Or, download the free FPD Tip app available for Android and iPhones. To download the app, search “FPD Tip” in the Google Play Store or iTunes App Store.
Authorities tell us If you feel someone is trying to scam you, end the conversation immediately and discreetly take a photo of them and their vehicle. If you cannot take a picture, memorize the scammer’s appearance and what type of vehicle they drive. Immediately call your local law enforcement agency and tell them what happened. If you fall victim and someone steals your credit or debit cards, freeze your accounts immediately.
Photos courtesey City Police

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