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Suspect chased down after grabbing woman’s purse in Stafford

The Stafford Sheriff’s Office says thanks to the fearless foot pursuit by a hero witness, a Stafford woman is in jail after a strong arm robbery in a local Walmart on Monday.
On August 29th at 1:33 p.m. Deputy F.C. O’Neill responded to the Walmart at 11 Village Parkway for a larceny. He learned a customer was perusing items in the lawn and garden section when the suspect grabbed her purse. The purse was ripped from the customer’s hands, causing a minor wrist and hand injury. The suspect proceeded to flee on foot, knocking a Walmart employee to the ground at the store exit.
A witness heard the commotion and realized the suspect was fleeing with the stolen purse. Major Shawn Kimmitz says the Good Samaritan gave chase through the Walmart parking lot, past the McDonald’s, across Warrenton Road and into the wooded area behind Truck’n America as he yelled for the suspect to stop. The suspect then surrendered.
The witness recovered the purse and stayed with the offender while awaiting law enforcement arrival.  The suspect has been identified as 20-year-old Shai-an Winslow.  She was charged with robbery and violation of the terms of her previous bond. Winslow was held at the Rappahannock Regional Jail without bond.
The purse and contents, with a value over $1,000, were returned to the victim.

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