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A steak out story from the Stafford Sheriff’s Office!

From the Stafford Sheriff’s Office:

We will try not to butcher this releaseā€¦
The steaks have never been higher. Deputy J.C. Thomas had to take stock of an udderly serious situation and grab the bull by the horns. He was over the moon to find a cow wandering along Courthouse Road near Walpole Street.
Deputy O.J. Hepperle responded to assist and they milked this call for all it was worth. Calling upon some bovine intervention, the cow is headed back to pasture.
It certainly seems like deja moo, as we are consistently rescuing loose or injured animals. The folks stuck in traffic may not be amoosed, so we will beef up security in the area.
Want to work for a legendairy department keeping Stafford County safe? Interested in a career in our Emergency Communications Center? That is moosic to our ears. Visit to see all our job opportunities!
Thank you Deputies Thomas and Hepperle! I

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