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PHOTOS: Rappahannock Electric Cooperative Project Guatemala update

From Rappahannock Electric Cooperative:

REC’s crew members – Addison Spicer, Drew Leake and John Medved – and the Project Guatemala crew continue to make strides.
The crew continues to battle the heat, so they’re making sure to take breaks and drink plenty of fluids. The weather is extremely humid and the heat index is around 105° every day with no breeze.

In their first week, they strung primary and secondary line, installed several transformers and started wiring houses. Originally the crew planned on wiring 82 houses, but the count has increased to 104. While that will take some additional time, they have a lot of local support, including the Secretary of the town who is working with them to ensure all the houses that need to be wired are accounted for.

Photos courtesy Rappahannock Electric Cooperative

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