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Addicts Helping Addicts at Katora Coffee

Join us every Monday at 6 PM for our recovery meeting – Addicts Helping Addicts (AHA). While the shop is not open on Mondays, we will arrive before 6pm to welcome attendees.
This is not a 12-Step program, nor anything sanctioned by any organization other than @katoracoffee and @umw_eaglesinrecovery.
We are just some people that have gone through the fire to get here, and we are willing to share our stories, strength, and experiences on our paths through recovery.
MAT welcome (we only as that if you have used today, please do not share).
EVERY MONDAY 6 to 7 PM, we are here to discuss recovery, and all that comes with it.
Come see us at our downtown location💙

Event runs Oct 30, 2023 through Dec 18, 2023

See specific dates on event web page.

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